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Do not use inoLax® Forte

  • if you are not 18 years of age or older unless otherwise prescribed by a healthcare provider;

  • when suffering from dehydration or a precondition of acute diarrhea.

Take caution to ensure

  • if you are on any chronic medication that you consult your healthcare provider before using any health supplements including this one.


  • that even if a health supplement is made of natural ingredients, it can still exert a potent pharmacological effect due to the active substances contained within medicinal plant extracts;

  • that in order to get the greatest benefit, ensure you stay properly hydrated and consume adequate electrolytes.

Please do not exceed the maximum recommended daily dose, and do not substitute this information with the advice of your healthcare provider as their advice may be individualized or necessary for you.

Read the information leaflet contained inside the box carefully, as it may contain information that is important to you. This information leaflet is also provided online for your convenience.

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